Learn about who Triumph Designs and Grant Watson Are

WHo is Triumph Designs?

Triumph Designs is a company that surrounds itself around the digital world. Triumph Designs is all about getting businesses online with the best tools, the best brand, and taught the best ways of how to connect and reconnect with their customers. Everything from website design, website hosting, branding, social networking, and search engine optimization, Triumph Designs in the company that will help you thrive in your target market.

Triumph Designs is all about helping you, the business, get your business and brand online! Contact us today to get started with the process! Also, sign up for our newsletter to get the best tips and tricks for building up your brand below!

Who is Grant WaTson?

Owner of Triumph Designs. Grant Watson is a freelance web designer and web developer Grant Watson is a freelance web designer/developer and graphics designer. I got my calling to become a web designer and developer when I worked for a local software company in Macon, GA. Since my high school graduation in 2006, I have always had an aptitude for computers and technology. It wasn’t until I started working as a product trainer with Wayne Reaves Software where I fell in love with technology. I developed my skills through Wayne Reaves, and became a front end web developer and graphics artist with the company. I started Triumph Designs to supplement my income while at Wayne Reaves, and saw the perfect time to work as a freelance  developer and go full time as a student at Middle Georgia State University. I am beginning my third year of my degree. When I graduate from Middle Georgia State University, I will have a B.A.S. in Information Technology with concentrations in Software Development and Security. My projected graduation will be in Spring 2018.

If you desire to hire me for a contract, email me at grant@triumphdesigns.org, or through the contact page here on the website. My portfolio for web design and branding are posted on this website for your viewing pleasure.