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Triumph Designs, where passion meets designs. A web designer in Macon, GA

Where passion meets designs

Triumph Designs is a cut above the rest, a friend in the digital age that will be there for you with the best and most formidable tricks to help you grow your business, to bring in more clients, and in the long run, gain more exposure!

Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Grant Watson. I am located in Macon, GA. I am a web designer, graphic designer, SEO expert, and social media expert. If you have a business that you are needing to get more exposure to, to build a huge client base, you will need a website. Why would you need a website? A website is your best employee, someone that is never late for work. Someone who always shows up at the right time, and always does what you ask, no questions asked. A website is a window to your business 24 hours out of the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is a way for potential clients to get to view your product inventory, or your services offered, and will be able to request your services any time of the day. Internet traffic has grown exponentially, and will grow even more over the years.




Search Engine Optimized
Every Website needs to be optimized for Google. Triumph Designs will help get you noticed online for your clients.
Social Media
Triumph Designs will set you up on every social media outlet, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, so that you can connect to your customers on a friendly level
Hosting Your Site
Triumph Designs will host your website for a low price. With that hosting package, you will not have to worry about keeping the servers updated, or anything with the website, we will handle that for you

We cater to the website design needs of individuals and small businesses. We offer domain registration, website hosting, custom web design, SEO services, logo design, custom graphics, eCommerce sites, and web maintenance, all at affordable prices.

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If you are in the Macon, GA area, or in the surrounding areas, do I have a deal for you! Contact me directly through email, or click on the link above to get a free quote, and see how you can get major discounts on all of your web design needs! My email is grant@triumphdesigns.org!